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Kirghiz, Glass and Filigree Silver Pendant

 Sorry, this fabulous piece is no longer available.

A subtle, but fancy silver pendant, sheet silver cut to resemble a classic Central Asian archway, with borders and infill of fine filigree flowers and vines, surrounding an old piece of very romantic glass, slightly brownish, because of it’s background and surface slick.
An overall dull, deep patina, occasional raised details have rubbed, acquiring highlights. Sixteen continuous rings along the bottom, support chain and wire drops, terminating in a rhythm of two different stamped, hollow jingles/ rattles.
I think everything is original, but filigree is vulnerable, I’ve found some five tiny details missing, and one dangle end (2nd on left) has a face missing, but worn you wouldn’t see this.
But, when you own it, check the reverse….how puzzling is that? Six tears have left their trail ! (Are these the mythical ”Gypsy Tears”?) Or, they might be almonds, symbols of Spring etc.
Of course, once you’ve established it’s authenticity, you could gently polish it. Very carefully, with a dry polishing cloth, avoiding catching any of the filigrees. A single central suspension ring (5 mm) could take a cord, chain or choker, comfortably, (cleavage dependant.)
I’ve said this is Kirghiz, but it may be Uzbek, on points I think it’s Kirghiz though. Let me know.
And it could be a lot older, only exposed to the air when brought out for special occasions, and what are those tears?

Age: Mid 20 th Century.

Size: W 135mm x H 155mm

Weight: 94 grams