AUD $180.00

Nuristani, Glass and Silver Earhooks

An old pair of “primitive” dark silver earhooks, with patterns and outlines of raised dots embossed into the silver.
Old and knocked around, dented, wonky in places, with a “turquoise” glass bead, set in a tear drop, from which a central rib continues up onto the earhook, which is fairly thick (approx. 1.5 mm or 1/16 th inch, that’s about 6 ordinary wires!)
A gentle restrained polish, might pick out the pattern more, but they already have a lovely grey patina, with the raised dots are fairly polished.
These could so easily be a pair of “Viking Earrings”, there is such a simple timeless Scandinavian feel to them.
However, the nearest match I’ve found, are probably from Nuristan/Pakistan (“A World of Earrings” Anne van Custen.)
They’re the first and only pair we’ve seen so consider them rare, or at least unusual.
Until I’m certain I’m using the old term “Turkestan”, to describe these, as it covers a very broad area (for items with more obscure origins, for the mysterious ones, which if they waited for definite attribution might never make it out..)

Age: Early/Mid 20th Century.

Size: W 41 mm x H 87 mm

Weight: 18 grams