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Pashtun, Silver and Mirror Earhooks

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An extraordinary, pair of much commented on, Pashtun Tribal Silver Earhooks, with a circular feature that is obviously an Evil Eye (and therefore protection against envy and the Evil Eye.)
Two pieces of clear glass, cut carefully and with difficulty, have been laid over coloured foil, surrounding a central inset rich green mirrored glass.
Then the gap, plugged with a filler, creates an abstraction of what we recognise as an eye.
The overall effect is very individual and dramatic. I’m forever saying that earrings give you another pair of eyes (at the side where there are none) well in this case it’s obvious.
The glass is surrounded by domes which are slightly polished through rubbing, the rest has a very mellow grey patina of age.
You can, of course, gently polish the high points if you wish to bring up the silver underneath.
These beauties have received many small knocks and show their travels, the right wearer will appreciate this, the right wearer will also have quite experienced earlobes, as the hook is thick 2 mm (about 12 gauge)

Age: Mid 20 th. Century.

Size: W 29 mm x H 68 mm

Weight: 30 grams