AUD $98.00

Pashtun (Kuchi) Silver Earrings

An old pair of small Pashtun Tribal silver earrings, suspending a chased and engraved bell dome,
with double link chain drops, each terminating in a flattened spoon.
Although these pointy hooks look quite intimidating, they aren’t that bad, I file the points,
but don’t shove them in, be careful.
At the back a few (?) chain dangles have been lost in their seasonal migrations,
lost forever, somewhere in the desert, but worn to the back, they’re out of sight.
Lovely tarnished silver, with some grime, polish them if you wish, gently using a dry polishing cloth.
They’ll come up beautifully!

Age: Mid/ Late 20 th Century.
Size: W 30mm x H 97mm