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Pashtun, Fabric and Silver Pendant

Sorry, this lovely pendant has gone to a good home.

A very lovely nomad piece, an old and darkly patinated silver “diamond” shaped pendant.
With picked out filigree and stamped silver decoration of leaves, flowers and suns.
Eleven dangly chains with decorative points (one has lost it’s detail/another is different.)
Apart from this there are a few minor faults, the faceted “ruby” glass stone, has slipped slightly in its housing and one small disc has been gone for ages.
But these are irrelevant, compared to the main feature, because behind a square of glass, held in with knocked around “teeth”, is a dark scrap of old “wood block” printed fabric (faded black and bone.) ”A lovely, _very_ individual, darkly mysterious piece.”
Suspended by two rings (4 mm diam.) set close together, easily hung from cord/chain or for bead threading.

Size: H 100 mm (4 ins, including dangles.) x W 54 mm (2 ins. accross “diamond.”)

Age: Early 20 th century.

Weight: 44 grams