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Pashtun, Coloured Glass and Silver Pendant

Sorry, this pendant is no longer available. There may still, however, be a similar one.

Richly ornate, rectangular false “Prayer Box” silver pendant, with multi coloured glass inserts (foil backed greens, red crescent and gold, surrounded by smaller faceted blues, greens and reds)in filigree borders and four hanging discs.
A personal favourite, the rich colour combination, the variants on suns and flowers in stamped silver (one missing on corner, long gone, just noticed!) add to it’s richness..
Three wide suspension rings (8 mm.) accross top, would suit thick chain, cord or choker.
This is not the cheap ”gilit” alloy, that a lot of cheaper “Kuchi” jewellery is made from, it is Tribal Coin Silver.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: W 52mm x H 90mm