AUD $180.00

Pashtun, Coloured Glass and Silver Pendant

Richly ornate, rectangular false “Prayer Box” silver pendant. With multi coloured glass inserts (a foil backed red crescent with blue highlights, surrounded by smaller faceted reds and light and rich blues) with filigree borders and six large rings supporting six hanging hollow leaves.
A bold simple colour scheme, well balanced.
Signs of ware but no damage. Remember ”kuchi” just means nomadic, and there are varying qualities and prices.
This is a better piece, with a higher grade of silver (which polishes up), not the very cheap ”gilit” alloy.
Therefore, a gentle polish with a “silver polishing cloth” will do wonders.
Two large (8 mm ) rings for suspension, suiting thick chain, cord or choker.

Size: W 48 mm (2 ins) x H 105 mm (4.2 ins, including dangles.)

Age: Mid/Late 20th century.

Weight: 58 grams