AUD $110.00

Pashtun, Red Glass and Silver Earhooks

Long, thick Tribal Silver Earhooks from the Pashtun Tribes on the borders straddling Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan.
They’ve aquired a nice mellow patina and will only improve, with wear.
We have older, (see TE229.) but these are nice, with the added highlight of a faceted red glass, at four points.
They’re not terribly thick, just above average, so if you’re not a beginner you’ll be o.k.
The silver twisted filigree on the shaft adds another dimension to these well proportioned drops.
And they’re hollow, so they’re not heavy.
An occasional gentle rub with a dry polishing cloth, if you want to bring them up.

Age: Mid /late 20th century.

Size: W 18 mm x H 70 mm

Weight: 14 grams