AUD $320.00

Pashtun (Kuchi) Corrugated Wrist Cuff

A chunky, hollow, corrugated TribalWrist Cuff, probably from India or Pakistan (where we found it) made from a low grade silver alloy, with some copper I think.
The corrugations reinforce the shape, like a corrugated iron roof, as such you DO NOT TRY TO ADJUST IT being hollow it has nowhere to go, and has to buckle. With chased and chiselled designs along the borders and ends.
Looking pretty impressive, but not heavy, it would suit a plumpish, feminine wrist, not a bony one.
The wrist opening is about ? mm accross, the internal wrist space is fairly round about W 55 mm x D 43 mm. I’ve given this piece a light polish, picking up the raised edges, but retaining the dark oxide in the recesses.
It’s age is obvious, exhibiting the marks and dents left by many small knocks, over time. (There may also be a pair to this cuff, see TC 301, it’s a fraction bigger.)

Age: Mid/Late 20th century.

Size: L 90 mm x W 39 mm

Weight: 110 grams