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Pashtun, Large Wrist Cuff

Sorry this cuff is no longer available. 

Big dark Pashtun silver cuff, with coloured glass (and plastic) discs along seam of opening, that locks with a pin, to become a complete funnel. (this opening allows greater access, then pins shut for more security/better fit.)

Rows of twisted wire and stamped wedges of “granules”.

This is a big piece, it opens a little but isn't hinged, for a big forearm it tapers internally from 88 mm to 67 mm.

Lots of knocks and dents, but nothing drastic, they all contribute to its charm.

The dark grey patina, could perhaps be enhanced with a careful polish with a cloth or even a dry Silver Polishing Cloth for a brighter shine.

One of a pair that we have (See also PC 102.)

Size: L 145 mm (5.6 ins. excluding pin.) x Diameter 96 mm (3.75ins.) tapering to 68 mm (2.6 ins.)


Age: Mid/Late 20th century.

Size: L 145mm x W 96mm

Weight: 240 grams