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Pashtun, Large Wrist Cuff

Sorry this cuff is no longer available.
Big dark Pashtun silver cuff, with coloured glass (and plastic) discs along seam of opening, that locks with a pin, to become a complete funnel. (this opening allows greater access, then the pin shuts for more security/better fit.)

Rows of twisted wire and stamped wedges of “false granules”.

This is a big piece, it opens a little but isn't hinged, for a big forearm it tapers from 88 mm to 68 mm.

Lots of knocks and dents, one has slightly warped the raised lip on one end.(over a distance of about 40 mm, but in context, not a worry.)

The dark grey patina, could perhaps be enhanced with a careful polish with a cloth.

One of a pair that we have (See also PC102.)


Size: L 144 mm (5.6 ins. excluding pin.) x Internal Diameter 87 mm (3.5 ins.) tapering to 68 mm (2.6 ins.)

Age: Mid/Late 20th century.

Weight: 235 grams