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Pashtun, Cricket Box Necklace

Sorry, this fascinating neck piece is no longer available. I doubt we will find another.

This is something special, just what though, could be the question?
A hollow perforated, engraved, lidded, triangular pendant, with numerous hollow leaf points on chains.
My guess is, that the “Protective” qualities of “the Triangle” are enhanced, by the noise of all the jingly bits.
The hollow construction, lid that opens (on a safety chain) and rows of pierced ventilation holes, lead me to think this is for restraining/containing a living animal, and that is usually a chirping cricket. as it’s purpose seems to be to make noise, that makes sense.
An early Ipod, perhaps, same annoying buzz.
But it could be for a perfume to waft from! Suspended on a double chain, for wearing around the waist or from the neck.
An overall brassy patina, of a low grade alloy, like ”gilit”.
You could try to polish it, but why? For easy wear, I’ve added two sympathetic sterling silver “S” hooks, and you could lengthen it with cord, especially if you have long hair.
Considerable wear on the rings, indicates some age, as it’s harder than silver and takes longer to wear.
A very “Medieval and Gothic” piece, with a genuine, lovely age to it (Could of course be lengthened to be worn from the waist, too.)
The jingly noise, has a volume control, of cotton running along the base of the main chains drawing them into one unit.

Size: L 155 mm (6 ins.) x W 151 mm (5.9 ins, knob to knob.)

Age: Early 20 th century

Weight: 199 grams