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Persian, Tourmaline and Silver Ring

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A subtly solid, man’s ring from Iran, fairly plain with a small vegetal engraving on either side of three square, bevelled Tourmalines. The largest is an extraordinary translucent Teal, flanked on one side with a deep Olive, the other almost (?) Citrine.
The colours are wonderful I’ve tried hard to portray them, without any enhancement, backlit and gentle tilting seems to have almost revealed that Teal.
Any gender could comfortably wear it, I just love Tourmalines and all their subtle variations, they’re hell to pair for earrings, as they can be two colours at once. There are of course, flaws in the stones, it would be much, much more expensive for these size stones, if they were flawless, but in a tribal ring, it’s the romance and authenticity of the piece, and it’s feel, that’s worth most.
Eventually you may want to bring back the shine with a dry polishing cloth, at present it has a gentle patina.
The central Teal stone is 11 mm x 9 mm.
For a finger size “V” (US Size 20.5)

Age: Late 20th century.

Weight: 11 grams