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Persian, Carnelian and Glass Armlet

Sorry, this lovely armband is on hold. However, if you're after it do let us know, it may still become available.

A traditional Islamic “bazu band” or man’s armband.

Three hinged silver ovals, house three oval Carnelians, with Koranic scripts bleached into the surfaces.

The centre “Carnelian” is paler a milky, pinkish translucent white Agate, with a darker red patch, and a partial, hairline crack and a chip at lower left, neither is drastic.
Each is surrounded by tiny “turquoise” blue glass domes.

At each end an ornate hinge attaches the black silk cords.
These are adjustable to be worn on the upper right arm, for devotional protection.
As it is almost worn through, you could undo this cord, extending/replacing it, (with very limited sewing skills,) to make a superb choker, for the throat or forehead.

Either Iranian, or made in Bukhara for Persian clients.

The reverse is wonderful and could be worn on it’s own, beautifully engraved, with an almost Egyptian “Lotus” design, repeated on all three.

One hinge has had a pin replaced, but again, not a worry.

Age: Early/Mid 20th century.

Size: L 200mm

Weight: 59 grams