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Persian, Filigree Silver Earhooks

Sorry, these delightful earrings are no longer available.

Dangly, trembly, almost willowy, filigree Silver Earhooks from Pakistan or Iran.
Each supports 5 pairs of filigree leaves, each in turn holding a green Turquoise and two small silver bells, the fifth at the bottom suspends three small red coral twigs with bells.
A nice soft patina covers the silver, and will need a gentle polish with a dry polishing cloth, eventually, to pick up the fine details.
They’re in good condition, except one minor fault, I only saw it when I blew up a photo, look at the smallest leaf just above the coral, on the right piece, one of them has lost some filigree, warning us all to be a little more careful.
Treated badly, filigree can catch on snags or even other earhooks.
If this damage worries you wear it away from the face, always have the best view framing your face, then the viewer won’t notice it.
They have a fixed hook, about 1 mm thick, which isn’t excessive.
Although they are not stamped, they are possibly Sterling, or close.

Age: Late 20 th Century.

Size: L 115 mm x W 20 mm

Weight: 21 grams