AUD $88.00

Persian, Turquoise and Silver Ring

A dramatic, domed silver ring covered in raised, granulated balls, surrounding inset various coloured Turquoises (seven missing, but disguised in the overall design, the recesses being filled with a dark grimy patina, that shows off the silver details.)
The raised central dome is a mid olivey green Turquoise, darkened with age. This is a pretty powerful ring, with an exciting visual power.
An awkward shape to measure but it would fit a finger of little more than Size “R” (U.S. Size 19.)
Being a dome with many stones, I wouldn’t wear it carelessly, a decent knock would cause some damage, a tiny stone knocked out unnoticed.
And remember, Turquoise doesn’t like hot soapy water, or dirty warm water, or solvents so take it off for knocking around.

Age: Late 20th century.

Size: W 26 mm

Weight: 7 grams