AUD $90.00

Persian, Engraved Silver Ring

An Eye shaped Silver Ring, with engraved stripes surrounding, another raised eye, with engraved script. (sometimes a name, usually a prayer, sometimes both.)
The sides are lightly sculpted, with punched designs.
There’s a nice golden patina, some grime and age, some knocks.
You can, of course, use a dry polishing cloth to gently polish it.
Happily suiting any gender, for a finger about Size “P” (US Size 18) it’s an odd shape and therefore difficult to acurately measure, there’s always another finger, if you’ve made it onto your hand.
It has a lovely grey patina, look inside, but the band is not worn away. So it’s not new, but not old.

Age: Mid/Late 20 th Century.

Size: L mm x W mm