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Persian, Glass and Brass Ring

Sorry, this lovely ring is no longer available.

A very special ring.
An old, patinated brass, man’s ring with some inset, raised silver detail remaining, the rest long worn away, with a VERY worn, scratched and knocked rectangular ‘ruby” Glass.

I know what it is, but short of washing it, I can’t quite capture it’s appeal in a photo, almost.

A deep, forgotten magenta perhaps, held to the light, it’s a dull garnet. The back views are nearly accurate.

Please don’t polish it, this patina is very old, really rich and irreplacable, love it for what it is, it’s made it this far.
It could be Pakistani or Persian, as it’s the only one I’ve seen, it’s hard to say.

For any gender, finger size will determine, Size “R’ (U.S. Size 19.)

Size: Stone L 9mm x W 6mm.

Age: Early/Mid 20 th Century.

Weight: 10 grams