AUD $110.00

Tajik, Glass and Silver Earhooks

Classic Tajik silver earhooks, with darkly patinated wire spirals and mulberries.
Knobs and balls surround a tear drop cavity (lotus?) which accommodates part of a large turquoise blue glass bead. The actual hook is about 1.5 mm, not for a beginner.
A very similar pair is in “World of Earrings” in gold, they say “granulated beads like these date back to Mesopotamia…” then designates them Turkoman, denying Kazak, I think they’re Tajik, take your pick.
Either way, they have a solid drama to them, perfect for those with bigger holes.
For similar styles in other colours, seek TH102.

Age: Early/Mid 20th Century.

Size: L 72 mm x W 14 mm

Weight: 23 grams