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Tajik Wedding Necklace, Red Coral

Sorry, this necklace is no longer available.
A long Tajik “Wedding Necklace”, threaded with interweaving strands, of hard to get, genuine old Red Coral, in all it’s subtle mellow orangey shades (not the garishly red, dyed “Bamboo Coral”!)

With an assortment of very worn old silver “Tajik” beads, a granulated hollow “Solar” discs set with worn green glass inserts.

Smooth creamy white shell discs, traded from the coasts like the coral, and highly prized. (Or more likely, as I’ve read in an old and dubious book, camel bone !) Central dark silver “Lunar” pendant, covered in genuine granulated wedges, a faceted red glass centre (impressed with a crescent moon & stars) and chain dangles with stamped, rattly leaves.

This much genuine, old Red Coral has to cost a lot, remember old Coral is going to run out, and new Coral is ecologically invalid.
Thankfully this old piece has been recently restrung, on Nylon, (or else it would need to be.) with matte black glass beads defining the design, enhancing each feature.

All the ingredients are old, (and some are a bit knocked) except possibly the black beads, which are vital to the design, but may not be as old?
The red glass beads at the back of the neck, are old, these are worn in many tribes as a coral substitute, red/blood and herefore vitality.

Overall an impressive, long necklace of very old ingredients, though sensibly strong.

Don’t abuse it!

I like the cross over threading of these long necklaces, in a way resembling net.

Wear it confidently and/or hang it up to display it when not round your neck.

Probably, in fact, DON’T polish it, or maybe just a dry cloth with care, or let it keep it’s mellow aged patina.

The twisted cotton cord at the back of the neck, is new and a soft white, you can, I would, dip this cotton, in cold black coffee or tea to give it a buff tone.

The length is adjustable, just undo the knot, but the cotton is very comfortable to wear against the skin.

Age: Late 19th/Early 20 th century.

Size:  approx. L 60 cm or 23.5 ins, each side, that’s over a metre or 47 ins. all together or 119 cm total length as there is a knot the length is variable.

Weight: 256 grams