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Tajik, shell and red coral Prayer Box

Sorry, this old piece is no longer available.

An very old ”nielloed” silver, hollow cushion prayer box.
The darkly patinated, old silver, flattened cylinder, really looks like a cushion, the central engraved swirling vines and flowers are set against a blackened ”nielloed” background. (the same is repeated on the reverse, but is duller, overall.)

One plain end is hinged, it is also slightly swollen, indicating and enabling an easy grip for opening. (For inserting your prayer or sacred text, or possibly your ever present embroidery needles!)
Seven large dark inverted false granulation “mulberries” support dangling “mother of pearl” barrels, flanked by small “orange” red coral beads.
One each, of these dangles, also hang from each end.

Two wide silver rings, (one is slightly askew, leave it, bending could weaken/snap it and it’s not a worry anyway.) have generous openings (6 mm that’s .25 ins.) would comfortably take a thick chain or thick black (?) cotton/silk cord.
Restrain the urge to over polish this piece, maybe gently go over the flowers, and don’t wear dark silver on pale or raw silk.

The dark oxide can rub off!


Age: Late 19th/Early 20th century.

Size:  L 118 mm (4.75 ins) x H 90 mm (3.5 ins, including dangles.)

Weight: 68 grams