AUD $600.00

Tibetan (Ga'u) Amulet Box with Turquoises

A large, very old, knocked silver Tibetan Woman’s ”ga’u”Amulet/Prayer Box, rectangular, with borders of stamped silver decoration. Worn suspended from a necklace or belt, the stylised ”dorje” (lightning bolt) is worn at bottom, allowing further suspension, from the extra open ring. A filigree squiggle border, is embellished with applied silver stampings. The central field of filigree, is swirling foliage with 4 small bright blue turquoise in the corners and a larger tear drop green/blue turquoise set as a stylised “Lotus”. Many knocks over the years, have left dark dents in the “goldish” patina on the plainer silver surfaces. Quite intact, except the left ”dorje”, this “lightening bolt” has really had some knocks and is very dented. It’s all still intact, not approaching too far gone. The suspension tube, of 4 wide rings/tube (9 mm diam.) would suit cord or thick chain. The fitted copper back, can be removed for storage, and has a marvellous rich patina. Don’t mistreat this piece, it is very old and very “special”. You can wear it, preferably on a thick cotton/silk cord (black?) or hang it on a wall from this cord when not wearing, it’s like an old Ikon, (I want it!)

Age: 19th century.

Size: W 111 mm x H 76 mm

Weight: 75 grams