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Tibetan (Ga'u) Amulet Box with Turquoises

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An old silver ”Ga’u”Amulet/Prayer Box, rectangular with bracket ends, with borders of silver filigree decoration. This ”Ga’u Sutumba” from SW Tibet, Spiti or Lahu, is worn suspended from a necklace or belt, the stylised “dorje” lightning bolt (slightly askew on left,) is worn at bottom, allowing further suspension, from the extra open ring. A filigree squiggle border has 6 blue/green turquoise. The central field of filigree, is random infill surrounding a stylised “lotus bud” set with 2 turquoise. Many knocks over the years, have left dark dents in the “goldish” patina on these sufaces. Quite intact, note suspension wear on top of tube, of 4 wide rings/tube (9mm diam.) would suit cord or thick chain. The fitted copper back, can be removed for storing a sacred/protective item, often this will be a folded wood block print, prayer or image and has a mysterious stain, (am I reading ink blots?) that may mean it’s a replacement, this happens.

Age: 19 th/ Early 20 th Century.

Size: W 70 mm x H 79 mm

Weight: 47 grams