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Mongolian, Red Glass and Silver Earhooks

Sorry, these wonderful hooks have found a new home. 

These thick silver Mongolian Earhooks have been a favourite since I first saw them in “A World of Earrings”, though they were green.
It’s the organic, smooth coiled silver that appeals most.
This pair has deep blue enamel caps,(hinting at Chinese influences) enhancing a round red glass bead, known as “hill coral” it serves the same protective function as Genuine Red Coral, but is far more affordable for less well off Hill Tribes People.
Both they and the Demons (luckily) don’t know the difference. You’ll often see Nepalese Hill Tribes People wearing it (probably in books, or films I suppose, though.  Make sure to see “Himalaya”, (it's not a real Yak) for a glimpse of their reality. If it were you, you’d be wearing all the protection you could afford!)

This pair are fairly new and have a contrasting dark patina in the grooves, very rich, they’re about 3 mm thick, about 8 gauge, so not for beginners.
The glass makes them heavier too. (experienced Tribal Girls suggest the aid of Vaseline, for easier penetration. Tribal ingenuity.  I suggest you close your eyes, to make it easier, then feel your way through. It helps.)

Age: Late 20th century.

Size: L 70 mm x W 15 mm

Weight: 27 grams