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Ersari Turkoman, Asyk Pendant

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Very old, large dark silver Ersari Turkoman “asyk” (hair/braid ornament.)
Plain knocked silver and silver wire filigree “squiggle” work could be Saryk tribe.
Classic Ersari/Saryk Turkoman ASYK (heart or spear) pendant with characteristic darkly patinated plain silver and central oval flat red Carnelian (against the Evil Eye, and has a couple of knock/chips.)
The silver has a very nice, glowing old patina forming, with a dark shading outlining all the filigree, please don’t polish it.
Wear on a very thick chain or cord. (the hole is 9 mm diameter and very, very worn and dented, all defining it’s considerable age.)

Age: 19 th Century.

Size: W 73 mm x H 113 mm

Weight: 45 grams