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Ersari Turkoman, Large Silver Bead

Sorry, this chunky bead is no longer available. However we may still have vaguely similar ones if you're after them.

An exceptional, quite knocked, old silver Ersari Turkoman bead, basically a cube, with the corners removed, then finely chiselled with very free designs, that resemble Yomud or Ersari Turkoman embroidered bags (khalta).
Very large holes (12 mm) could allow use of a cord, chain or even a quite solid choker, though it’s bulky taking up neckroom, it would fit a slim neck (see photo.)
Lovely, very knocked, with a variety of dents, some large, all reflecting it’s history, dark old patina, it’s highpoints worn almost shiny, it would be sad to polish it.
But, if you must, use a dry polishing cloth, with restraint, it will come up brilliantly, showing off all it’s dents, as dark and rich.
Very lovely, it’ll be seen at events, I’m sure.

Age: Early /Mid 20 th century.

Size: L 37 mm x W 45 mm

Weight: 27 grams