AUD $140.00

Ersari Turkoman, Carnelian and Silver Earhooks

A sculptural pair of silver Ersari (?) Turkoman Earhooks, with punched designs, and an applied embossed/stamped ‘tree’ above a protective, flat oval Carnelian, held in with ‘zig zag’ teeth.
I’m assuming they’re Ersari, but their detailed decoration could lead to other Turkoman branches, perhaps Saryk or Salor, even perhaps old Yomud, back when they used Carnelians < 1925 ?
They aren’t very heavy, but to support their size, they have a fairly thick earhook, about 12 gauge, only for experienced lobes.
With a lovely dark patina, and an inner glow in some lights, I wouldn’t polish them, but if you decide to, gently use a dry silver cloth.
At this size, they may have started out worn, hanging from the temple, rather than the ear.

Age: Mid/ Late 20 th Century.

Size: W 45mm x H 96mm

Weight: 27 grams