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Goklan Turkoman, Gilt Silver and Carnelian Cuff

Sorry, this stunning cuff is no longer available.

Extraordinary broad Goklan Gilt Silver Cuff with three raised decorative silver bands (of fine dots and discs) each row has 3 flat oval carnelians.

The seven teeth on each side are plain. The gap tapering from 29mm to 29mm apart at each end.
In good condiion (check also TC 204 the pair to this piece, if it is still available.)

Remember these are not heavy, solid silver but are hollow, being filled with reinforcing resin. Consequently you cannot squeeze or adjust them!
I don’t think this pair are very old, but their appealing “architecturallity” is almost Roman, and they are not new, they’ve had some wear.

According to “The Splendour of Ethnic Jewellery” this is most likely from the Goklan Turkoman Subtribe, the motifs are exact, but ours has “fire gilding” and theirs doesn’t, but even then they’ve used a “(?)”
(there is even a hint in the detail of Kazak here, too.)

Whatever, enjoy their rarity. I’ve not seen any others like them before.

(Oh, and the backgrounds are William Morris Wallpaper designs, not Russian Export Cottons, however, the latter would have been influenced by whatever was popular in Europe at the time.
And I’m sure William Morris, Liberty and the Arts and Crafts movement, as a whole, would have liked these traditionally handcrafted wristcuffs!)

L 57 mm x W 48 mmm internal/wrist.

Age: Late 20th century.

Size: L 79 mm x W 62 mm

Weight: 208 grams