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Olam Turkoman, Silver Cuff

Sorry, this lovely old cuff, is no longer available. We may still have some other similar ones.

A heavily reinforced plain silver Turkoman Cuff, with a 3 decorative reinforcing bands, each ending in a spoon/tongue protruding into/ determining the opening
(29 mm tapering to 25 mm, at centre tooth, then out to 30 mm.)

Filled in with lightly engraved stylized “figures” (it’s has an almost Australian Aboriginal feel to it,) emphasized by the many tiny punched circles. (See also the pair to this TC 109)

A nice old chunky piece with smooth, mellow, dull patina.
It could of course be polished slightly, with a dry polishing cloth, to enhance the contrasting detail.

Has a slightly rounded feel, fitting a “oval” wrist, best to avoid remoulding it.

Try gently wriggling a limp, or relaxed wrist (open hand, loose fingers) into the gap,
slowly wobbling or rolling the hand from side to rather than pushing.
Do it just behind that knobbly bone,
on your lower fore arm,
where you only have two bones to negotiate,
not lower, where all your tendons are !
Any force, tension or pushing tightens your tendons.
Just look at the difference on your tendons, as you open and close your fingers.

Referred to as “Olam Turkoman”, a subtribe, described in “Splendour of Ethnic Jewellery”, see page 123.

Size: L 50mm x Inner “diameter” 60 mm x 45 mm.
A similar ring is ER110, very useful if you happen to have two hands.
Then of course if you’re very lucky, you may even find the matching cuffs, useful too, if you’ve also got two wrists (see last image.)

Age: Mid/Late 20th century.

Size: L 50 mm x W 60 mm

Weight: 81 grams