AUD $110.00

Olam Turkoman, Silver Ring

An old, quite worn silver, Ersari or possibly Olam Turkoman ring, with an almost smooth,
cut out reverse “S” shape.
Vestiges of a border of tiny punched circles, suggest this might be Olam Turkoman,
which is basically a subgroup within Ersari.
I’ve always seen this as a Ram’s horn, but it’s actually more “S” like,
often repeated endwise along rows,in their rug borders.
Set on a broad band (10mm) with a classic wire squiggle design,
beginning to wear down but not yet away.
These Olam pieces have achieved that lovely smooth mellowness of old, very worn silver,
that we all seek.
A soft gentle patina now, but would really blossom with a gentle polish, with a dry polishing cloth.
It’s wonky circle shape is hard to measure, but is about Size “R” (US Size 8.75)
A similar ring is ER110, very useful if you have two hands.
Then you may even find the matching cuffs, useful too, if you’ve also got two wrists.
(Search for TC110 and try Olam.)

Age: Early/Mid 20th. Century.

Weight: 7 grams