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Tekke Turkoman, Triple Asyk

Sorry, this wonderful piece is no longer available.

A charming old Tekke Turkoman ”fire gilt” silver and Carnelian ”Triple Asyk” (back/hair braid ornament.)
With twelve domed “almond” and “eye’ Carnelians. (Almonds are the first fruit blossoms to appear in late Winter, symbolizing “Nature’s Rebirth”, the “eyes” ward off the gaze of “The Evil Eye”.)
All these stones are finely scratched, from age, matting their surfaces.
Very clean “fire gilt” and silver, scrolled pattern, with a very definite, cleanly incised line. Main areas are defined by borders of squiggly and fine twisted silver wire filigree.
A band of silver/gold chevrons runs accross the top (capped and crowned with applied stamped ”tre foils” (clubs) giving it a completely unintended Christian Medieval “jousting tent” feel.)
We’ve left the original coloured threads attached to the suspension rings (5mm) from which you could use a chain or thick cord.
Worn, or hung on a wall as an ”Ikon”, this piece has a charming warmth.
In very good condition, with a light patina, darker in the filigree, you might give this filigree a rub with a dry cloth to pick up the highlights, but it’s only starting to colour up.

Age: Mid 20 th Century.

Size: W 120 mm x H 140 mm

Weight: 188 grams