AUD $110.00

Tekke Turkoman, Carnelian and Turquoise Brooch

Tekke Turkoman ”fire gilt”, silver brooch. Hollow, with a violinlike cut away shape, featuring 2 domed Carnelian “eyes” and three pale Turquoise domes.
Called a ”dagdan” and representing the Tree of Life, possibly combining this with the Czarist Double Eagles.
These “dagdan” brooches are worn as protection, by boys.
Although, some are worn in necklaces, this is a brooch, the pin is blunt for coarse fabric, but could easily be filed with an emery board/ fine file, and care. (if you want me to file it for you, please specify.)
A rich fire gilt, this colour combination is very wearable and quite enchanting.
Another advantage when pinning it, is there is no right way up, therefore it’s never wrongly pinned.

Age: Late 20 th Century.

Size: L 55 mm x W 40 mm

Weight: 17 grams