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Tekke Turkoman, 3 Row Carnelian Cuff

Sorry, this cuff is no longer available but TC202 may still be available.

Classic Tekke Turkoman Gilt Silver Carnelian Cuff.

With 4 raised plain silver reinforcing bands, each containing 3 domed carnelian “eyes”, (with fine scratches from wear, and 9 stones in total.)
These all enclosed in “birdlike” scrolls, inscribed into the gilt/silver.

What looks like heavy, solid silver is actually hollow, filled with a reinforcing resin. There is consequently no bending to fit!

A fairly patinated piece, with a fine balance to these decorations.
The gaps between the seven plain silver points on each side taper from 39mm to 28mm apart.
This decrease is from a previous owner, squeezing it, to fit, there is consequently a dent next to the centre point.

In excellent condition, so DON’T try to Adjust (see also TC 202)
L82 x W 59mm (internal/wrist)

Age: Mid /late 20th century.

Size: L 82 mm x W 59 mm

Weight: 230 grams