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Tekke Turkoman, Asyk Pendant

Sorry, this pendant is no longer available. However we may have more like it soon.

Classic Tekke “asyk” made of “fire gilt” silver, with a central flat oval
carnelian (protection against the Evil Eye.)

This is a perfectly wearable size on a cord or chain, hole is 5mm wide,
but would only fit on a thin choker as curve in straight hole doesn’t work.

The gilt swirling foliage design has a romantic Gothic feel
(YES, these ARE the pendants worn in “Queen of the Damned”,
we actually supplied the movie . . )

The solid silver border clearly defines a heart shape, in this piece,
however it is not a heart, but a point, defending the wearer.

This one is very similar to TP 103, but has a darker patina..

Age: Late 20th century.

Size: W 52mm x H 72mm

Weight: 17 grams.