AUD $78.00

Tekke Turkoman, Gilt Silver and Amber Ring

An old Tekke Turkoman, therefore “fire gilt” silver, broad band ring, with the unusual use of adomed eye shaped protective Amber, now very pitted with age, see images.
Fairly old, with a lot of age and grime built up, it would have been larger, the ‘fire gilt" face has been cut down, to recycle it after a major break (?)
Note how pitted the stone, which is usually one fair guide to age/use, though Amber wears quicker than Carnelian, this does indicate that this is the original stone.
Very plain, with a broad silver band decorated with a wire squiggle, now worn almost smooth.
If you like this particular ring, keep watching our site or let us know, we’ll be featuring a collection of this amazing family, including complete unmodified ones, in the not too distant future (?)
But if this one fits you, pounce!
This simple ring is not perfectly round, therefore hard to measure, but would suit a finger about Size “O” (U.S. Size 7)

Age: Mid 20th century.

Weight: 3 grams