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Yomud Turkoman, Silver and Glass Cuff

 Sorry, this cuff  is no longer available.

Large VERY impressive “barbarian”, dark silver “Tekke”(?) Turkoman Cuff with 4 raised reinforcing silver bands, bordered with filigree squiggles and pairs of raised/embossed silver suns.
With 9 luscious/rich red translucent glass cabachons in 3 rows, add a very deep, “garnet/bloodlike” vibrancy.
Each side of the gap has 7 very plain spoonlike, rounded points. Slightly conical, these points taper from 39mm to 30mm apart.
One of a pair (See also TC 300.)

A very old/ finely scratched surface patina on the silver, but the stones are unmarked and I don’t see signs of any genuine wear.
Looks marvelous, but may not be very old. Well, at least, our others appear older! Once again, Book “World of……” says this is Tekke, “Splendour of Ethnic Jewellery” says a very similar one in Carnelian is Yomud, after 1925, the Yomud began to use coloured glass instead of Carnelian.
So I’m assuming this combination is actually Yomud.
Let’s not bog down, these pieces are superb in their own right, regardless of which tribal group they originated in.
Vibrantly Gothic in the bloody richness of the glass, contrasted with the solid architectural silver surfaces, subjected to a careful polish with a dry polishing cloth, the result will be absolutely stunning.


You gently karate chop the opening with a floppy wrist, then wobble, don’t tense.
At worst, wear it over long black gloves, and pad them to hold it on a smaller wrist.

Size: L 118 mm x 58 mm (wrist size/min internal width.)

Age: Mid/Late 20th century

Weight: 204 grams