AUD $1,040.00

Yomud Turkoman, Medium Cuff

Strong plain silver, medium “Tekke” cuff, with 3 plain, raised reinforcing bands, bordered with filigree squiggles.

Featuring 2 rows of raised/embossed “suns”.
Fairly shiny silver, with minor knocks and residual patina.
Some wear/smoothing of suns.

Excellent condition, no damage.
This style is refered to as Yomud in “World of Bracelets”, but lacks the usual gilt, so it’s probably a sub-group.

Five pairs of plain teeth define the gap, where earlier adjustment has resulted in the gap tapering from 32mm to 26mm. (see also TC 111)

If you decide to polish this cuff, a gentle rub with a dry Silver Cloth will bring up the details nicely.


Size L 81 mm x W 62 mm (Max. wrist width.)

Age: Mid/Late 20th century.

Weight: 153 grams