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Yomud Turkoman, Gilt Silver and Carnelian Earhooks

A pair of Turkoman “rams’ horns” silver earhooks, with “fire gilt” over embossed silver with suns and a protective domed Carnelian “eye.”
They have a dramatic, sculptural presence, but they’re quite light, being hollow, and not dangling, so there is less pull.
With a very sturdy hook, about 12 gauge, for experienced ear lobes only.
We also have a similar pair TE 225, without the stone and little gilt, if you prefer.
I can’t place them in a specific tribal style, the “rams’ horn” shape is very Ersari, the surface almost Yomud, the combination could be another lesser known group, of which there are many, enjoy!

Age: Late 20 th Century.

Size: W 36 mm x H 68 mm

Weight: 30 grams