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Yomud Turkoman, Silver Hoops

This pair of earrings were removed from the shop without payment being finalised. We'd like them back, thanks, before we have to name names.

An old pair of Yomud Turkoman, Silver Hoops, each with 5 poppy pods, each of which once had a turquoise blue Glass bead inserted, some traces of which remain.
These hoops are illustrated in “A World of Earrings”(I think, now which book was it?)
The thick earhook, won’t suit beginners, as the penetrating end has a rough looking bend as well, the hoop has been repaired, note heated colour, and a tribal compromize has been achieved.
If you’ve got the lobes, then these are old and wearable, but open gently sideways, for extra/extended lifespan.
They have a wonderfully dramatic patina, you can, however polish them gently with a dry polishing cloth, to bring up the contrast.

Age: Early/Mid 20 th. Century.

Size: W 54 mm x H 63 mm

Weight: 33 grams