AUD $88.00

Yomud Turkoman, Gilt Silver and Amber Ring

An old worn Yomud Turkoman, silver ring with embossed gilt and Amber.
Basically an oval with a characteristic stamped/embossed circle and dot design, lightly gilt, some worn from the raised pattern, revealing some dents and the smooth silver beneath.
A protective, central raised, old Amber dome, has a fairly worn surface, all the surface is finely pitted from many repeated knocks, see images for these genuine signs of wear.
The plain, worn band has almost lost it’s two grooves,at back over time, with that lovely mellowness of old silver.
About a Size “Q” (U.S. Size 18.5 .)
Remember, it’s hard to find genuinely old ones, retaining just enough marks to show it’s age, and still be wearable.

Age: Mid/Late 20th century.

Weight: 4 grams