AUD $180.00

Bukharan, Nielloed Silver Prayer Box

Nice old Octagonal Silver hinged Prayer Box. With delighful inscribed and blackened “Niello” Silver, swirling Floral design.
Originally worn as a “Bazu Band”, to hold a Koranic prayer, for protection, on a Man’s upper right arm.
Held by black tasselled, sliding silk cords, (cords not included) threaded through the paired ornate silver, hinged loops, at either side.
Can be threaded with cord or chain (holes about 3 mm.),or threaded as a beaded choker.
Or simply use two black cords to create a stunning choker, or sew it onto velvet ribbon.
It’s very versatile.
In excellent condition, hinged lid, with tiny rotating silver hook to lock.

Size: L 90 mm (3.6 ins. including side hinges.) x W 50 mm (2 ins.)

Age: Early/Mid 20 th Century.

Weight: 54 grams