AUD $680.00

Bukharan, Gilt Silver and Turquoise Prayerbox

An exceptionally lovely, old gilt silver, rectangular Prayerbox from Bukhara, on the Silk Route.
With one large oval softly veined green Turquoise “father”, set with claws and surrounded by its protective “ancestors”; small garnets and blue turquoises (possibly glass?) There are 4 missing, long gone and not glaringly.) and two flat/round darker green turquoise, one on either side.
The gentle patina still reveals a shine beneath, and the engraved foliate scrollwork, against a finely hatched background, is hilighted by the careful placement of the four gilt moons and lobed leaves in the four corners.
The reverse is a lighter more open foliate swirl and borders with that swivel chiselling creating a cross hatched effect. Can obviously be worn either way, but the front is just so lovely, I wouldn’t want to waste it!!
Along the bottom a row of decorative filigree scrolling “Uzbek arrows”, support a fringe of twisted filgree dangles with Mother of Pearl/shell and old “orange” Red Coral beads.
As a prayer box that opens, it is hinged at both ends, held with pins, that allow opening from either end. to contain a prayer or sacred item. If you find them difficult to lock don’t apply force, just twist it slightly, whilst applying light pressure, till they slip in.
Originally worn on a double ornate chain attached at 4 points, one each from both of the hinge pins (which are stiff/secure) and twice on the central filigree. However only one chain remains from 2 points on the centre. It’s safe to wear and I’ve added 2 sympathetic silver indian “S” hooks to allow you to adjust it’s length.
DON’T polish it, it’s superb, and would lose some of it’s age and it’s value!

Age: Late 19th/Early 20th Century.

Size: W 122 mm x H 127 mm (excluding chain, which is 654 mm)

Weight: 189 grams