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Yemeni, Red Glass and Silver Pendant

Sorry, this old pendant has gone to a good home.
Old, darkly patinated silver rectangular “False Prayer Box”, worn as an Amulet, imitating the original purpose, but sealed and no longer unable to contain a “prayer” or sacred item.
Three round, flat, slightly scratched (age), rich red translucent glass, glow accross the dark, dull patinated silver. Decorated with stamped and filigree borders with 7 bells suspended on chains, (5 hanging beneath, 1 each from the outer bottom corners.)
Accross the top 3 broad rings (4 mm minimum, but wider accross) would accomodate a chain or cord, but not a rigid choker.
Some minor knocks and on the righthand bottom corner, the applied silver “diamond” is missing, it appears never to have been applied.
The filigree here has a twist, having been carelessly applied, expecting to cover this with the “diamond.”
Nevermind, it has a lovely dark colour, with old polished highlights, which have in turn darkened, but still keep their shine.
Probably, though, you could give it a careful polish with a dry cloth, or polishing cloth.
Found in Egypt, but most probably made in Yemen or Oman.

Age: Early 20th Century.

Size: W 90mm x H 98mm

Weigh: 75 grams