AUD $114.00

Turkish Sterling Zirconia Ring

A sterling silver ring from Turkey, set with a large "eye" shaped "peridot/olive green" Zirconia, embellished with a sculpted foliate design contrasting warmly with the darker oxidized silver recesses. (When you eventually get round to polishing it, use a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" to put a shine back on the highpoints letting these recesses get darker and darker.)

Peridots don't usually occur very large, so this is an excellent substitute and this  Zirconia has a rich crystaline light catching quality which can throw out colourful prisms, see the images for an example.

It's said Atlanteans would have loved Zirconias, wearing them freely.

Both the "eye" shape and flash of this stone would both be worn for their protection against "The Evil Eye".

The stone measures 25 mm along the finger and is 16 mm wide.


Age: Contemporary

Size: W (US 11.5)

Weight: 18 grams