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Turkoman, Gilt Silver & Glass Pendant.

Sorry, this wonderful pendant is no longer available.
Here we have a dangly segmented Turkoman Pendant, probably a part of something larger like a headdress, made up of dull "fire gilt" cut out silver segments set with rich red translucent glass oval cabachons.

The smaller links have red and green translucent glass domes and "loop in loop" chains supporting three hollow silver Turkoman points or tongues, these implied weapons adding to the protective qualities invoked by the whole piece. (The centre "point" is different and therefore probably a replacement, having more detail and actually adding to its overall appeal.)

Once again I'm not confident in identifying which of the some thirty subtribes wears this combination of "fire gilt" and coloured glass, so I'll just say Turkoman. And possibly brought from their homeland to or made by them in Afghanistan.

The suspension ring at the top is 3mm, which will only take a cord or a fine silver choker, this is the better choice as it holds the piece high on the chestĀ for it dangles down 257 mm requiring either a high black roll neck or a very low one!

The silver has taken on a soft dull pewter tone, which I of course like, but it would respond to some very careful polishing with a dry silver polishing cloth.

An added bonus is the reverse, this has an almost Medieval Industrial feel to its heavily reinforced linkages.

(We have a similar but larger piece in Red glass and plain Silver, which is even more Gothic! Just trawl through our Turkoman pieces you'll recognise it straight away. Search for TO100.)

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: L 257 mm x W 32 mm

Weight: 37 grams.