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Turkoman, Glass and Silver Head Piece.

Sorry, but this wonderful piece is no longer available and is now on it's way to a good home.
A romantic, hand cut segmented silver and faceted translucent crimson glass Turkoman Head/Temple Decoration (owurme) would I think have hung vertically as it has a hook at one end. (the other is a ring.)
It is actually assymetric, one end is larger with a small hook for attaching it to a head dress, one of a pair I assume.
“Ethnic Jewellery from Africa, Asia, & the Pacific” (the Rene van der Star Collection page 84) calls it a “head jewel” and shows a Tekke Turkoman example, although like ours the hook end is different to the ring at the other.

It could easily be worn horizontally, but wasn’t originally, see below.

I know this is Turkoman and we have magnificent cuffs that match it, but I’m not sure which sub branch they then belong to.
They’re very similar to Ersari and Saryk, but they differ in using Red Glass rather than Carnelian.
This of course adds a very Gothic bloody richness to these pieces. But I really, really like the primitive rings, cut from sheet silver and rolled into spirals, used to link it all together.
It’s in good condition, except I’ve just found a repair (!) the top/larger segment has had a ring replaced with a “wire” link, the original loop had worn through on the piece..(see centre of last image.)

There are, of course, some tiny scratches and wear on the glass.
The silver has a superb dark patina which combined with the wear on the glass and the links in places, near the top, all indicate its wear and age.

I certainly wouldn’t polish this old silver, it has a shiny, dark Medieval enchantment.
However, if you really want to, you could gently go over it with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth, leaving enough of the dark patina in all the recesses. But don’t consider a dip.

To wear it horizontally on the throat or forehead, you only need gently tie a circle of cord or black hat elastic through the loop and use the hook to lock it once it’s on.
The elastic can be adjusted to provide enough tension to hold it in place, and this one could also be worn as a belt.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: L 372 mm x W 69 mm.

Weight: 134 grams