AUD $68.00

Turkoman Pendant, Silver Carnelian Asyk.

Classic Turkoman"_asyk_" made of silver, with embossed stamped motifs and a central flat oval carnelian (protection against the Evil Eye.)
This is a perfectly wearable sized pendant, on a cord or chain, hole/tube is 6 mm wide,
(but would only fit on a thin choker as a curve in a straight hole doesn’t work.)

The plain silver and chunky design has a romantic Dark Ages or Gothik feel……

(YES, these ARE very similar to pendants worn in “Queen of the Damned”, we actually supplied the movie . . )

The solid silver border clearly defines a heart shape, in this piece, however it is not a heart as such, but a point, defending the wearer. (It still has a lovely heartlike outline!)

(Oh, and the backgrounds are 19th Century William Morris Wallpaper designs, not Russian Export Cottons, however, the latter would have been influenced by whatever was popular in Europe at the time.
And I’m sure William Morris, Liberty and the Arts and Crafts movement, as a whole, would have liked this traditionally handcrafted “asyk”!)

Age: Late 20th/ Early this century.

Size: H 61 mm x W 43 mm

Weight: 9 grams