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Turkoman, Silver Cuff

A broad silver Turkoman wristcuff. Tribal silver with squiggle filigree borders, scallops and “Tekke” engraving.
We’re not sure to which exact subgroup of the Turkoman peoples, this piece belongs.
It could be a subgroup of Erari, Saryk or Salor, or a contemporary copy of any of these, as it’s probably made by refugee silversmiths based in Afghanistan.
A rich shiny silver with dark oxide in the unpolished recesses.

The heavily toothed gap is currently 31 mm, but the silver is very hard or firm, and therefore not really adjustable.
I’d carefully enter and exit it with no more than a slight stretch.
(Inserting the finger and thumb, stretching slightly then entering at the narowest point on the wrist.
That’s just above that knob of bone, don’t go chewing your way through where all the tendons are!
Once again with out pressure, using a fluttering karate chop action.)

It’s most at risk during careless removal.

Repeated adjustment/pressure will cause a weak spot, which will eventually and inevitably break.

This piece is fairly contemporary, made possibly by refugee silversmiths in Northern Afghanistan.
However, please note, by purchasing these more modern pieces, we encourage silversmiths to continue using traditional styles and techniques.
Techniques that may otherwise be lost or replaced by tasteless Modern styles, or even cheap looking mass produced gold.

Whilst not Sterling Silver, it will respond well to judicious polishing with a dry “Silver Polishing Cloth”.
It has a fair patina in the recesses and will only improve with wear and polishing.
A couple of small dents in the silver add to it’s charm.

Age: Contemporary

Size: Wrist L 60 mm x D 46 mm x thickness 38 mm

Weight: 66 grams