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Turkoman, Embroidered Skull Cap


From Uzbekistan or Northern Aghanistan (where we found it) a round Turkoman embroidered "pill box" skullcap.

Fully hand embroidered incorporating fine coloured cords couched with spaced stitches creating "dotted lines" whilst saving half of the stitching (a little of this couching has come loose but only a very little.)

The interior is a floral printed blue cottton that has been hand quilted for reinforcemnent.

The top which has received the most sun is slightly faded and the rim which got the most wear is a little frayed.

This and the other two we have just received (TS101 & TS104) are older and used, not newly made Tourist ones.

As such you have to way a little wear as proof of age and wear.

However they are still in pretty good condition.


Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: Circumference 158 mm, Diam. 75 mm Height 53 mm

Weight: 156 grams