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Turkoman Tiger Eye Necklace

Sorry this necklace is no longer available.
Here's a simple necklace for someone who likes their browns, featuring a central Tekke Turkoman "asyk" pendant, this is slver with a scrolling foliage design ",painted" in a soft gilt then set with an flat oval carnelian. (These "asyks" were originally worn on the persons back for protection against the "Evil Eye" but nowadays are more thought of as pendants.) Two silver Ersari Turkoman beads echo it flanked by rich red Carnelians amidst Golden Tiger Eye beads. Incidently, these Turkoman pieces are Tribal Silver which has a smaller percentage (70 - 90%) than Sterling and are today made in Northern Afghanistan by refugee silversmiths from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, who fled the Soviet Russians years ago, it's good to see them working in Traditional styles and techniques rather than tasteless modern ones.

All the smaller beads are Sterling Silver as is the chain and catch. (I've used this specific chain and bolt ring because together they allow you to catch into the chain at whatever length suits you.)

It's threaded on Tiger Tail, which is the strongest thread I can get, but it kinks terribly if you scrunch or fold it, SO DON'T !

It can stretch too, if you are careless...otherwise it's the best thread there is.

Should you decide to polish it hold the individual bead and use a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" to carefully bring up the detail.

Age: Contemporary

Size: Length 514 mm x D 57 mm

Weight: 37 grams